Columbarium memorial design service

Design Service

We offer hand crafted bespoke memorials in a range of stone. Typically Collumbaria are situted in a Garden of Remembrance, although this is not essential. We are able to provide a full landscaping design and fulfilment service if appropriate including stone seating etc..

Please contact us for full details and a site visit. Our initial site meeting is at no obligation and will allow us to provide you with an initial outline proposal and general advice.

Columbarium openedOctagonal Design

This is one of the many columbarium designs available it provides efficient use of space (it can be errected on a site no more than 4 square metres) and can house multiple nich├ęs in an attractive and fitting memorial.

The particular example illustrated can accomodate 48 caskets.

Individual family columbaria can be designed as required.

The term comes from the Latin columba (dove) and originally referred to compartmentalized housing for doves.

Today's columbaria can be either free standing units, or part of a mausoleum or another building.